Sporty Girl Makes Loser Eat It JOI CEI – JessicaStarling – iwantclips

You’re the volleyball team’s bench-warmer, but lately you’ve been desperate for some play time. You approach the volleyball team captain after practice — an intimidatingly hot sporty girl — and beg to be put on next game. She laughs in your face. She only cares about winning, and putting you on certainly isn’t going to make that happen. You plead more, saying that you’ll do anything. Maybe, little losers like you should be careful what you wish for.The team captain takes you up on your offer and tells you to take a seat. She says she has a reputation of being particularly cruel towards guys. That makes you a little excited. She then tells you she loves to tease and humiliate guys by making them eat their own cum. You’re both scared and aroused.She commands you take out your cock and start stroking the way she says. She berates you, calling you a loser, disgusting, a pervert. It only makes your pathetic cock harder. She teases you with her sublime body, shaking her ass and tits in front of your face.Just when you feel you’re about to burst, she shows you how she’s going to make you cum — with your hips raised and your cock aimed directly at your mouth. Open wide, loser, because on the count of 10 you’re going to shoot your own load into you mouth and swallow every last drop,
Models: JessicaStarling

Duration: 17 min 20 s
Resolution: 1080 x 1 920
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.59 GiB
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